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Our Team

Rexford R. Hibbs
Co-Founder / CEO

RealtyReturns Founder and CEO Rexford R. Hibbs co-founded San Francisco's 1st Title III equity crowdfunding platform, DreamFunded, and San Francisco's 1st private tech stock market Coming off the successes of both platforms, Rexford wanted to combine his background in real estate and his expertise in equity crowdfunding. He launched RealtyReturns in 2016 with the goal of offering every investor (both accredited and non-accredited) access to quick, low-risk returns in real estate. Rexford is an investor who comes from a real estate and angel investing background, making and managing real estate investments in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and California through his family office.

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Shane Geldbach

Shane Geldbach is the CMO of RealtyReturns. Shane has extensive experience in marketing and real estate management. A graduate of UCLA, Shane has worked in digital marketing and advertising for over 4 years with Essence Digital, Drawbridge, and InMobi.

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Alexandr Larionov
Co-Founder / CTO

Alexandr is Co-Founder and CTO at RealtyReturns. He has successfully built two crowdfunding platforms from the ground up. Bringing his wealth of experience to RealtyReturns he focuses on building the platform and he is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company such as UX/UI, testing, deployment, and implementation. Alexandr brings his expertise in Ruby on Rails, Javascript and React to the team. He works closely with other team members to grow the company through the use of technological resources.

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Rob Robinson
Advisor / Founder of Hawaiian Angels

Rob Robinson co-founded Topaz Management in 2010, Kolohala Ventures in 2006, and is the founder of Hawaii's ongoing premier angel investor network, Hawaii Angels (2002). He is co-author of Angel Investing: Matching Startup Funds with Startup Companies (2000), and is a charter member of the Angel Capital Association out of Kansas City. The various funds and organizations that he has lead have invested over $100MM in mostly Hawaii-based companies since 2001.

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Robert E. Hibbs, Esq.
Senior Advisor / Board Member

Mr. Hibbs is active and well known in West Coast real estate circles providing legal representation for owners and for lenders, and currently as an owner/developer for his family office. "You have to wait for the right piece of property because the quality of the property determines the ultimate outcome" He has worked for the last 20 years on some of the Pacific Northwest’s, Oregon's and Arizona's premier real estate projects. Mr. Hibbs now devotes his time toward real estate projects for his family office.